June 2020 – Nick Winkelman – The Science of Coaching

May 2020 – Julio Velasco – on Playing Well (former Italy, Argentina, Iran, and Modena head coach)

March 2018 – Austin Einhorn – Philosophology

July 2017 – Athlete Monitoring for Injury Prediction – it’s pretty poor so far

April 2017 – Michael Lopez – Hockey Stats – I just really like the visual for replaying the season. I think seeing the deviation in performance levels helps you understand how matches are won/lost and how teams like Michigan State/Ohio State might win big upsets but lose matches “they shouldn’t” – just part of that fluctuation. Plus I watched 13 reasons why a couple weeks ago so Joy Division, whose album art the chart is modeled after, is currently in my good graces.

April 2017 – Hugh McCutcheon – Team Culture 1 ( & 2)

April 2017 – Chad Gordon Thesis-FINAL

April 2017 – Random Thought 1: Should the sequence in an attacker’s mind be: can I kill this ball, can I recycle this ball off the block and get another swing for my team, can I put it on the setter, can I get the front row OH on the floor, can I put this ball in play. It’s like basketball; throw it to the big man down low, if he likes what he sees, take the shot – otherwise kick it back out and try to go again. Unless the shot clock is running out then get in the best position to take the shot and pull the trigger. Or if you’re at half court with a second to go, just put the ball in play and hope for the best.

April 2017 – Random Thought 2: With RT1 in mind, should we be setting out of system balls tight and letting our pins get their with their feet, wipe for a point or play it high into the hands and recycle and go again? Or should we set to 5 and 5 and hope that we can score taking big swings? The question really is, which philosophy yields better results…because that’s the one we should do.

March 2017 – MIT SSAC 17 – VolleyMetrics Paper

February 2017 – MIT SSAC 16 – Thin Edge of the Wedge

February 2017 – Tim Gabbett – Acute:Chronic Workload

February 2017 –Anna Saw – Athlete Self-Report Measures

February 2017 –FiveThirtyEight – 2 pt. conversion

January 2017 –Andrea Becker – Serving 1

January 2017 – Andrea Becker – Serving 2