xP & POE – Receive (2017)

We treat serve receive in the same manner we handle serving. We identify the expectations and then quantify the results appropriately. In this case, we break down expectations in FBSO efficiency by conference. We look at how well teams in each conference do when receiving serve (with service errors removed, as these are not really [...]

Question from VolleyTalk

So I got a message a couple months ago and 100% failed to respond, so I'm trying to do it some justice now. The question is about FBSO Efficiency, Passer Ratings, and Winning. *Because the question was in reference to passing, I eliminated missed serves from the analysis. So here are the 2017 numbers for the [...]

Pac12 Pass Rating and W/L Sets

B1G Pass Rating in W/L sets   Figured I would build a similar chart for the Pac12 from 2016. It includes all conference matches, not just the big ones. As with the Big 10 numbers, there are certainly some teams where pass rating doesn't necessarily differentiate won/lost sets. By including all sets however, this may [...]

Big Ten Pass Rating in W/L sets

I'm not a huge fan of using pass ratings - I don't believe they accurately value different reception qualities. That being said, every single person ever uses pass ratings, so I decided to dive into it a little. In the above chart, pass ratings are valued on a 3 point scale (R# 3, + 2.5, [...]

Receive Eff in Big Ten

Similar idea - just messing around with the ggjoy package in R. What you see above is the receive efficiency (basically passer ratings valued by Big Ten standards for FBSO eff). I filtered out a bunch of names that failed to consistently post high values - as well as those sets in which the passer [...]

Final Four Passer Trends

So here are the Final Four teams from this past season. What you see are their primary passers and their "expected FBSO eff" based on how many points their team currently has. These expected FBSO numbers are built by combining Big 10 and Pac 12 conference and preseason/some postseason matches - meaning that I looked at [...]

Top Passers in the Big Ten

Here's the same type of viz I made earlier for servers. Just because I was curious who the best passers were, relative to the league average for FBSO value provided by each reception quality. What you may immediately notice is that Nebraska has 3 of the top 4 passers in Albrecht, JWO, and Rolfzen. So [...]