Attackers above the norm

So I'm procrastinating on my thesis again and wanted to see how attackers stacked up relative to the league - on a per team basis. I've measured success via Eff Change in this case, built using league averages. For example, a Big Ten player who attacks in zone 2 after a perfect dig in transition... Continue Reading →

Efficiency Change – Pac 12

Here's just a quick snapshot of Eff Change taken from a late September match between UCLA and USC this season. I've explained the idea behind Eff Change in a couple posts but figured I'd throw it out in a Pac 12 post for fun. The idea plays off the FBSO and Service Error concept that different teams... Continue Reading →

Blocking Responsibilities – Pac 12

Just to preface this post, it's basically the same as the responsible blocker one I put up earlier using the Big Ten data. That post explains exactly how responsibilities are split between blockers against specific types of sets. My Pac 12 knowledge is admittedly lacking and I had to google some of these kids. Schoenlein is... Continue Reading →

Skill Efficiencies by Team

This viz is the follow-up to the skill breakdown per player post from a couple days ago; a composite look at how each team fares on a per skill basis. The teams you see are ordered by their finishes in Big Ten conference play in the 2016 season and the data used is from conference matches only.... Continue Reading →

Attacking Theory

Hey Kolby. So I've been throwing out the question to some friends about what kinds of stats they'd like to see but have never had access to. Attacking is naturally something that comes up as it's the most common way to score points and thus a deeper understanding would be beneficial. Above is my proposed progression... Continue Reading →

Specialists or Generalists?

  Yes. I know this looks like some tutti-frutti clown vomit. Thanks. A college buddy of mine, Teddy Niemira, posed a question revolving around developing players' all around game or merely enhancing strengths as a better use of a coach's time. Do you want someone who is pretty good at everything or elite at one... Continue Reading →

Service Error and Eff Change

*Check out the Eff Change posts if you haven't. Output, Input, Eff Change Returning to the very first question - How aggressively do we want to serve? Here is what team service error% looks like graphed against the average Eff Change per serve in each match. Again we see an inverse relationship between the two... Continue Reading →

Dig Percentage & Efficiency Change

Dig Percentage is something that comes up as a way to measure defensive efficiency. You might look at two similar passers and see which one of them shanks digs at a lower rate as a means of evaluation. As we can see from the viz above, Wilhite, JWO, Albrecht, and Maloney (3 of whom play... Continue Reading →

Blocking Responsibilities – Big Ten

One of the things people have never been able to look at in DataVolley is the way to examine blocker responsibilities. The reason this is an issue is that if you don't have a block contact coded in DataVolley, nobody knows that you were at the net when the attack happened. The goal of uncovering the... Continue Reading →

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