xP & POE – Blocking (2018!)

So. Finally got around to downloading a bunch of the 2018 data. The data you see is just for conference matches in the Big Ten and Pac 12. We build blocking a little differently than other skills in terms of what we expect and how we value the results, but it's not that estranged. We... Continue Reading →

Blocking Responsibilities – Pac 12

Just to preface this post, it's basically the same as the responsible blocker¬†one I put up earlier using the Big Ten data. That post explains exactly how responsibilities are split between blockers against specific types of sets. My Pac 12 knowledge is admittedly lacking and I had to google some of these kids. Schoenlein is... Continue Reading →

Blocking Responsibilities – Big Ten

One of the things people have never been able to look at in DataVolley is the way to examine¬†blocker responsibilities. The reason this is an issue is that if you don't have a block contact coded in DataVolley, nobody knows that you were at the net when the attack happened. The goal of uncovering the... Continue Reading →

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