Elite Attacking Performances

So I was thinking about elite performances today. Those nights where an attacker is just in the zone and everything slows down; where it's a woman competing against girls. This happen to tie in nicely with something Jimmy McCabe, our Illinois Men's Club Volley president (a tiresomeĀ and thankless job), happen to touch upon: how well [...]

Top Attackers by Set Type

Decided to go old school to check out something I think everyone finds interesting. Straight up attack efficiency by the type of set they're hitting. Again this is just conference matches in the 2016 Big Ten season. The usual suspects are atop the Go hitters in Wilhite and young guns: Foecke and Haggerty. The top [...]

Attacking Theory

Hey Kolby. So I've been throwing out the question to some friends about what kinds of stats they'd like to see but have never had access to. Attacking is naturally something that comes up as it's the most common way to score points and thus a deeper understanding would be beneficial. AboveĀ is my proposed progression [...]