step 1: what’s the point?

Predicting the future is difficult. People get the future wrong all the time. Coaches miss on recruits, GMs miss on draft picks, and bettors lose money. So are they just horrible at prediction? Or is prediction really difficult? You'd think with the resources of big franchises, clubs, etc - coupled with the embarrassing ramifications of [...]

Efficiency Change Refresher

So here's the concept: we want to evaluate each touch by the difference between expectations and results. Input Contact: this serves as the expectation - given the situation you've been dealt, how well do we expect you to do? Output Contact: this serves as the result - looking at both terminal & non-terminal results Serving, [...]

Harker – Serve/Rec/Atk Efficiency

Because I'm on a roll with the R Shiny web app stuff, I figured I'd make another. This one allows you to look at how each player is trending throughout the season in their serve, receive, or attacking stats. Harker - Serve/Rec/Atk Efficiency!! For serving, we look at the outcome of the serve (different reception [...]

Harker – Attacking Effect Size

So. Made my first Shiny web app using R and feeling pretty good right now. It's not sexy by any means - and really only displays 4 different plots that are pre-made, but it's still super cool compared to the absolutely nothing I had built before this. You can check it out by clicking here: Harker [...]

Harker – Efficiency Change

Haven't posted anything in a while, so thought I'd throw out an update on the Harker season as we've played about 70% of our matches so far. For those who aren't familiar with Efficiency Change, it is the idea of looking at the result you get, minus the input/the hand you were dealt. For attacking, [...]

Harker v. Branham

Played one of the stronger teams in Northern California in Branham HS last night - formerly known as the Bruin Dream back when it was captained by Taylor Averill, Ryan Holmes, and Ryan Sullivan of the CCS championship 2010 class. But for our sake, just wanted to share some real world data from the 2019 [...]

Harker Volleyball 2019

So, this season at Harker, I convinced my AD to splurge a little and get us Volleymetrics for the spring. I'm stoked to finally get some coded data on the high school level that can hopefully inform my approach to coaching similarly skilled teams in the future - while also validating or disproving some of [...]

Attacking Theory – Deeper Look

I've noticed that someone with a lot of nerdy friends who like volleyball has liked my original Attacking Theory post on FB, so I figured I'd give you folks a little extra look on some data from this season. It's just a snapshot, but it's a pretty clean look at how these numbers get computed. This [...]