Guest Post: Tyler Widdison (USA Beach) – AVP Women’s Champions Cup EDA (exploratory data analysis)

With the AVP Champions Cup over. Lets look at the stats! I did some web scraping from their results page. I won't go over how I web scraped this data. Additional resources for Beach Volley stats by Adam Vagner. For this post I didn't use Adams stats. Adams doesn't have Qualifier matches, the PASS [...]

Guest Post: Brian Hurler (Creighton) – How Set Speeds Affect Hitting Efficiency

Brian Hurler is currently the Graduate Manager/Technical Coordinator for the women’s volleyball program at Creighton University. ( Outside Set Speeds Per Team Using match data from the 2019 fall season, I took a sample of set speeds for the seven teams who have made the Elite Eight the most since 2015, plus Creighton. The speeds [...]

step 6: if he’s a good hitter, why doesn’t he hit good?

% split of Terminal vs. Non-Terminal attacks 1. Welcome to attacking: the most important skill in our game. I'd also argue it's the most interesting, least understood, and most dynamic of our game - making it the best place to pick some low-hanging fruit. 2. We need to understand the reality of attacking. As you [...]