Expectation vs. Reality

Interactive Dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/views/Expectationvs_Reality/Overall?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link This is the direction I think the sport of volleyball needs to go - getting all skills, all contacts, all situations, and all performance evaluation into the single language of points. The same way the NBA has expected points per shot based on the location on the floor + number of defenders, [...]

Step 12: Point Win Probability (PWP)

Interactive Dashboard (click me) https://public.tableau.com/views/Step12-PointWinProbability/Stanford-Wisconsin?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link (Quick note: all PWP in the chart are for Stanford. Therefore if PWP hits 100%, Stanford won the point. If PWP hits 0%, Wisconsin won the point. Anything above 50% means Stanford has the advantage, anything below...you get the idea. I find it much cleaner to use a single line [...]

Guest Post: Tyler Widdison (USA Beach) – AVP Women’s Champions Cup EDA (exploratory data analysis)

With the AVP Champions Cup over. Lets look at the stats! I did some web scraping from their results page. I won't go over how I web scraped this data. Additional resources for Beach Volley stats https://github.com/BigTimeStats/beach-volleyball/tree/master/data by Adam Vagner. For this post I didn't use Adams stats. Adams doesn't have Qualifier matches, the PASS [...]