Chad Gordon

Bay to Bay Volleyball Club, Head Coach 15-1, 2022

Bay to Bay Volleyball Club, Head Coach 15-1 >> 17-1, 2019 – 2021

Harker School, Head Coach Boys Varsity, 2018 + 2019

University of Illinois, M.S. Kinesiology 2016 + 2017

University of Illinois, Volunteer Assistant, 2014 + 2015

UC Santa Barbara, B.S. Biopsychology 2010 – 2014

Thesis: Predicting Performance via Self-Reported Metrics

Coach Your Brains Out interviews (May 2021): Part One // Part Two

AVCA Boys’ Club Coach of the Year, 2021

twitter: @chadgordon09 // email: chadgordon09@gmail.com

Bonus Post – NCAA Final Four / Stivrins Impact

Figured we’d throw a super quick Final Four + Stivrins post together just to wrap up the 2021 season as everyone shifts their attention to the transfer portal and freaks out about the seasonal coaching reshuffle. Starting with the semifinals, below are the Match Win Probability charts – visually describing a team’s likelihood to win […]

Volleydork Ratings / Predictions Recap

So…what was the point again? Honestly, we didn’t set out to make a ratings system. We were building our xPWP model (expected Point Win Probability) and needed a reasonably accurate estimate of the initial chance of each team winning the point (ex: Nebraska serving to Wisconsin, before the serve happens, how likely is Nebraska to […]

Step 14 – Computer Vision Intro

Computer vision already powers self-driving cars, the gaming world, and numerous other products. Within sport, this technology has already made its way into basketball, football, baseball, soccer, etc. – and has further fueled their respective analytics movements. One of my favorite articles that encapsulates what this work allows for is from Brian Macdonald. Published in […]

2021 NCAA Tournament Predictions

December 18th: Updated predictions moving into the Finals are live Had a great week in Columbus – and now we’re down to the final two. Our model likes Wisconsin over Nebraska 58/42 But personally…I think Nebraska is on a heater and they’re gonna take this thing tonight…we shall see. December 14th: Updated predictions moving into […]


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Hi, I’m Chad. I previously worked for free at the University of Illinois and before that, I paid money to play some beach (and attend classes) at UC Santa Barbara. Currently working in analytics in San Jose & coaching w/ Bay to Bay on the boys club side of the world.

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