Chad Gordon

Bay to Bay Volleyball Club, Head Coach 17-1, 2021

Harker School, Head Coach Boys Varsity, 2018/2019

University of Illinois, Volunteer Assistant, 2014/2015

Thesis: Predicting Performance via Self-Reported Metrics

twitter: @chadgordon09 // email: chadgordon09@gmail.com

Season Trends

Interactive Dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/views/SeasonTrends/HittingEfficiency?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link Is your team getting better or worse as the season progresses? Are your players developing and performing stronger as the year goes on? In the chart above, we take a look at Madeline Gates, the middle from Stanford. We’re looking at a rolling average of her hitting efficiency, in this case, rolling […]

Expectation vs. Reality

Interactive Dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/views/Expectationvs_Reality/Overall?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link This is the direction I think the sport of volleyball needs to go – getting all skills, all contacts, all situations, and all performance evaluation into the single language of points. The same way the NBA has expected points per shot based on the location on the floor + number of defenders, […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Chad. I previously worked for free at the University of Illinois and before that, I paid money to play some beach (and attend classes) at UC Santa Barbara. Currently working in analytics in San Jose & coaching w/ Bay to Bay on the boys club side of the world.

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