Chad Gordon

Bay to Bay Volleyball Club, Head Coach 17-1, 2021

Harker School, Head Coach Boys Varsity, 2018/2019

University of Illinois, Volunteer Assistant, 2014/2015

Thesis: Predicting Performance via Self-Reported Metrics

Guest Post: Steve Aronson – How Much Does an Opponent Affect a Team’s Performance?

**Steve Aronson is an assistant coach for girl’s high school and club volleyball in Massachusetts. He is passionate about volleyball and now content to coach, analyze, and watch. With a background in statistics, data science, and machine learning, he strives to raise the analytics bar in volleyball and help others along this journey.** If we […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Chad. I previously worked for free at the University of Illinois and before that, I paid money to play beach (and attend classes) at UC Santa Barbara. Currently working in analytics in San Jose & coaching w/ Bay to Bay on the boys club side of the world.

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