Chad Gordon

Bay to Bay Volleyball Club, Head Coach 15-1, 2022

Bay to Bay Volleyball Club, Head Coach 15-1 >> 17-1, 2019 – 2021

Harker School, Head Coach Boys Varsity, 2018 + 2019

University of Illinois, M.S. Kinesiology 2016 + 2017

University of Illinois, Volunteer Assistant, 2014 + 2015

UC Santa Barbara, B.S. Biopsychology 2010 – 2014

Thesis: Predicting Performance via Self-Reported Metrics

twitter: @chadgordon09 // email: chadgordon09@gmail.com

Coach Your Brains Out interviews (May 2021): Part One // Part Two

VolleyDork Rankings: How They Work

Motivation While trying to adjust our expected points (PWP) model to account for team and opponent strength, we ran into a few issues. As far as we could tell, the only analytics-based rating system out there was the Pablo rankings, and we wanted ratings that (1) are not paywalled, (2) can be reproduced by other […]

2021 D1 Women’s VolleyDork Rankings – Updated Weekly

This marks our first public unveiling of our new rating system [link to the rating system explainer post]. Our goal will be to update these rankings every Monday evening / Tuesday morning. First and foremost, huge thanks to Professor Dwight Wynne for doing the heavy lifting and getting this system off the ground. I’m excited […]

Guest Post: Dwight Wynne – Match Win Probabilities

Dwight Wynne teaches statistics at California State University, Fullerton and supervises student projects helping their women’s volleyball team get more out of their data. Introduction One tool that has become increasingly common in the modern consumption of sports analytics is a win probability graph. A win probability graph shows, given the current score and time […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Chad. I previously worked for free at the University of Illinois and before that, I paid money to play some beach (and attend classes) at UC Santa Barbara. Currently working in analytics in San Jose & coaching w/ Bay to Bay on the boys club side of the world.

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