Volleydork Ratings / Predictions Recap

So...what was the point again? Honestly, we didn't set out to make a ratings system. We were building our xPWP model (expected Point Win Probability) and needed a reasonably accurate estimate of the initial chance of each team winning the point (ex: Nebraska serving to Wisconsin, before the serve happens, how likely is Nebraska to [...]

Step 14 – Computer Vision Intro

https://videopress.com/v/EzJI81pu?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&autoPlay=true&controls=false&loop=true&muted=true&persistVolume=false&playsinline=true&preloadContent=auto Computer vision already powers self-driving cars, the gaming world, and numerous other products. Within sport, this technology has already made its way into basketball, football, baseball, soccer, etc. - and has further fueled their respective analytics movements. One of my favorite articles that encapsulates what this work allows for is from Brian Macdonald. Published [...]

2021 NCAA Tournament Predictions

December 18th: Updated predictions moving into the Finals are live Had a great week in Columbus - and now we're down to the final two. Our model likes Wisconsin over Nebraska 58/42 But personally...I think Nebraska is on a heater and they're gonna take this thing tonight...we shall see. December 14th: Updated predictions moving into [...]

Season Trends

Madeline Gates - 2019 Stanford University Interactive Dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/views/SeasonTrends/HittingEfficiency?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link Is your team getting better or worse as the season progresses? Are your players developing and performing stronger as the year goes on? In the chart above, we take a look at Madeline Gates, the middle from Stanford. We're looking at a rolling average of her [...]

Expectation vs. Reality

Interactive Dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/views/Expectationvs_Reality/Overall?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link This is the direction I think the sport of volleyball needs to go - getting all skills, all contacts, all situations, and all performance evaluation into the single language of points. The same way the NBA has expected points per shot based on the location on the floor + number of defenders, [...]

Step 12: Point Win Probability (PWP)

Interactive Dashboard (click me) https://public.tableau.com/views/Step12-PointWinProbability/Stanford-Wisconsin?:language=en&:display_count=y&publish=yes&:origin=viz_share_link (Quick note: all PWP in the chart are for Stanford. Therefore if PWP hits 100%, Stanford won the point. If PWP hits 0%, Wisconsin won the point. Anything above 50% means Stanford has the advantage, anything below...you get the idea. I find it much cleaner to use a single line [...]