Harker v. Branham

Played one of the stronger teams in Northern California in Branham HS last night - formerly known as the Bruin Dream back when it was captained by Taylor Averill, Ryan Holmes, and Ryan Sullivan of the CCS championship 2010 class. But for our sake, just wanted to share some real world data from the 2019... Continue Reading →

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Attacking Theory – Deeper Look

I've noticed that someone with a lot of nerdy friends who like volleyball has linked my original Attacking Theory┬ápost on FB, so I figured I'd give you folks a little extra look on some data from this season. It's just a snapshot, but it's a pretty clean look at how these numbers get computed. This... Continue Reading →

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xP & POE – Blocking (2018!)

So. Finally got around to downloading a bunch of the 2018 data. The data you see is just for conference matches in the Big Ten and Pac 12. We build blocking a little differently than other skills in terms of what we expect and how we value the results, but it's not that estranged. We... Continue Reading →

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xP & POE – Receive (2017)

We treat serve receive in the same manner we handle serving. We identify the expectations and then quantify the results appropriately. In this case, we break down expectations in FBSO efficiency by conference. We look at how well teams in each conference do when receiving serve (with service errors removed, as these are not really... Continue Reading →

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Harker Volleyball 2019

So, this season at Harker, I convinced my AD to splurge a little and get us Volleymetrics for the spring. I'm stoked to finally get some coded data on the high school level that can hopefully inform my approach to coaching similarly skilled teams in the future - while also validating or disproving some of... Continue Reading →

xP & POE – Attack (2017)

Attacking is a little harder to nail down. The complexity outweighs serving & receiving, making honing in on the best approach very time-consuming. Here's where I've landed: The input for attacking is really the tough one - what factors help predict whether an attacker will be successful or not? In my experimentation, I've looked at... Continue Reading →

xP & POE – Serve (2017)

To break down serving, we must first identify the expectations and then figure out how to quantify the results. Some may immediately think that because it's a closed loop skill, that the expectations are simply 0. We have no expectations, there's no other force acting on your ability to hit the serve. But this isn't... Continue Reading →

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